Jirka Tkadlčík has accepted unusual challenge on Brněnský Silák

Hello Guys!

We were a part of new competition calls Brněnský Silák in the beginning of July. This competition was unique because of CrossFit and Strongman joint. Category for woman has won Martina Dostálová and first man has been Lukas Žigmund. Congrats! And quess what! Why Jirka wasn´t first in the 2nd of July? Because he didn´t accept this ordinary challenge, he took microphone and moderated all action!

Hello Jirka, what has been beginning of your strongman carrer?
„Naturally, I have started with body-building twelve years ago, because I wanted to attract the attention of woman
J. Finally I found out, that I don´t want to be just good looking, but also strong and then I have started with power triatlon. Naturally I move on like strongman in my way. And now? It´s absolutely my life, it fills me and I love that felling when I can motivate a lot of people around me.“

How did you get on Brněnský Silák?
„Organizer and CrossFit NewPark owner invited me to help him with competitive disciplines, organization and moderation all action and because I really love every challenges, especially newone I accepted in this first time CrossFit and Strongman joint.“

You compete in a lots of competitions all around the world. It´s better here, where you were born or abroat?
„It depends. In our country there are also teams, which can organize great competitions, which I love. Huge bonus is bigger and bigger fan family. They just do lovely atmosphere! For example, I have been in Štenberk and Liberec this year and I must say well done! But you know, abroat is a big deal for me now. It gaves me a lots of experiences and that´s what I need and what I search. But it´s not just about great called competiton. It depends on people who organize it. Everyone can ruin it.“

What do you like on Silák and recommend to improve?
„I really love those guys who were boiling and fighting to the end on hot asphalt just for title First Brno Silák in history. I never give up and I appreciate everyone else for it too. Time managing could be better – half second hour waiting in the middle of race is consuming, stressful and absolutely nonsensical for sport aspect. Athletes are the biggest priority and they weren´t here for waiting but for comfortable fluent competition.“

How would you valorize disciplines, schedule and scoring? Was it the same like ordinary strongmen competitons?
Competition was really unique because of scoring and disciplines, which I help with. These innovations are so interesting and I think we will meet them in the future.“ 

Do you recommend WODrock system to any competitions? Why?
„ Absolutely yes! It´s very fast, flawless and good looking for prezentation scoring system with great coordination and cooperation with organizator. I believe WODrock is a future and can facilitate every organization and that´s great!“

Thanks Jirka for his time. Hopefully we wil meet in some similar competitons!
Team WODrock

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