Interview with Filip Trojovský winner of Master Category on Belgrade Throwdown

Hello Guys!

We closed this year with 200 individuals and 20 teams on Belgrade Throwdown 2016. We are here with small interview with Filip Trojovský winner of Master category.

1. Who told you about Belgrade Throwdown and what makes you to want to go there?

One guy from Serbia who trains with me under the trainer Lacce Kovács invited me. Then i tried to find some mates to go with me and i found them in our gym - Veronika Hándlová who won Junior female category and friends from Olomouc from Ultimate Fitness. We arrived together, stayed there together and had super trip.

2. How far do you travel because of competitions? Is distance to Belgrade ordinary affair for you or you rather compete closer?

Belgrade is quite close. It is not such a big deal those 7 hours from Brno. We have been on Swiss Alpine Battle near to Geneva this year. It is about 12 hours trip and that is really long.

3. What is the most important thing on a competition for you? Organization, judges, ambience,...?

All together. But for example you can have Top hall, great organization but if there is cold, it is just bad. It was for example in Salzburg on Champions day. And it is also bad when there is stupid organization or when you have no erudit judge. I have to admit Swiss do the best competitions i have ever seen. No in vein we say they do the best watch all over the world.

4. How would you evaluate Team WODrock?

WODrock already suprised me on Brněnský silák. I think it is hight-guality score management and they were only one who was able to tell me what is going on in Belgrade. This competition would be lost without them.

5. How often do you compete? How many competitions have you invited this year? What were your successes? Quite a lot this year (2016):
  • 2. Place – Reebok Crossfit OPEN ČR 2016
  • 3. Place – Battle of Urpin – individual competition in Elite category
  • 4. Place – Get up challenge Plzeň – individual competition in Elite category
  • 1. Place – Superior 14 Open Test 2016 – two members team competition (Honza Hanák and me)
  • 1. Place – Dont Quit Challenge 4 – two members team competition (Mirka Zemanová and me)
  • 3. Place – Summer crossfit Redoubd challenge 2016 Slovensko – individual competition in Elite category
  • 5. Place – Brněnský silák- StrongMan competiton
  • 4. Place - Czech Beast Challenge - individual competition in Elite category
  • 1. Place - No EXCUSE - individual competition in Elite category
  • 7. Place - Champions day in Salzburg - individual competition in Elite category

Thank you and see you next year on another great competitions.
Team WODrock

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