Individual price offer

Every single competition is absolutely unique so we decided to allow you to get free price offer based on your requirements.
You can look at our services to get an overview about our system.

Our services

  • Registration of athletes
  • Online payments by credit card or bank transfer
  • 24h support to help athletes with their registration or submiting score
  • Online qualification
  • Register your judges and allow them to judge athletes scores
  • Register your volunteers to have everybody in one place
  • We can make smart scorecards according to your WOD's
  • Scoring system for real competition - manage thousand of results in one place with no worries about correct counting.
  • Counting results of any type of score. Time, points, weights ...
  • Support you on your competition. We will come to the race and manage your results instead of you. Experienced assistants will help you with managing all scorecards, inserting score to the system and all the other aspect of score.
  • Big LG plasma to show results to your athletes right on the competition
  • All the results are online visible on the leaderboard

Do not hesitate to contact us on Send us your requirements or just ask for your question and we will answer you immediately.

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